Sep 13

Flirty and Girly

JCrew sweater and skirt; Charles David shoes; Lia Sophia necklace

So I brought out a little Christmas red this past week, but it felt so pretty and girly to put on.  The a-line flair of the pleated skirt makes it so comfortable and simply tailored. Red is my favorite color which is perfect for me to wear when I need a little boost for the day, along with killer heels.

Sep 13

Bright and Bold

JCrew dress, sweater and shoes; Steve Madden handbag

If I had it my way, I would stay dressed up all day every day.  While I wish this was a better photo, it does mute the actual bright and bold yellow/royal blue combo that I wore to the first day of work for the semester.  It’s interesting the impact that this colorful outfit had on people on my way to, and at the college. People smiled and said hello, which is atypical when out and about NYC.  The shoes were the biggest winner of the outfit.  I almost lost them to five colleagues.  It feels good to wear clothes that positively affect people’s mood.  I consider it a form of community service.

Aug 13

A New Phase of Life

As I approach this next decade of my life, I reflect on how much my life has changed over the last 10 years: I became a mother, earned a doctorate, lost friends, gained new ones, embraced my true self and loved every minute of it, got even closer to my husband, started learning French, made my first home purchase, started running (most recently),became a Delta, became a board member, amassed an amazing collection of clothes (thanks JCrew), had a very personal short story accepted for publication in a book collection, met a lot a pretty awesome people and sampled some fabulous products through this website and blog, and have taken great pleasure in sharing my finds with women all over.  My list of life changing experiences can go on and on, but I believe I’ve listed the highlights.

Now I am thinking about what I want to be and do in this next phase of life.  I need a new target, new set of goals and dreams to accomplish, and I need to see what else still needs to be completed like my book(s).  I tell ya, writing a book really takes some traction, but it has to get done and published. I think about how I can be better, stronger, faster.  My inspiration comes from my mom, husband, and children who continue to show me through their lives the beauty of being a free-spirited visionary.  So I’m working on the next chapter of me – will keep you posted.

Aug 13

Changing the World, One Underwear At a Time

Check out this really cool product that gives back and changes the world for all women - THINX

I love the concept of any business that is conscious about the world we live in.

Mar 13

Girl Power!!

Kesha Nichols with YWCA Board Members Arlene Vasquez, Christine Thorpe and Jehan Sanders

On Saturday, March 23rd, the YWCA of Bergen County held the most amazing and empowering girls conference.  Nearly 125 girls and 50 parents attended to hear the inspiring stories of Kesha Nichols (LOVE HER!!!) and Candace Carrizales (ADORABLE!!), as well as a range of life skills-building workshops.  One day my little girl will be old enough to participate in such powerful events.

Feb 13

Declare Your Love for Slippers – I love ‘em!

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Feb 13

Weight loss 101: Top 10 questions to ask yourself

I just read this message from Mike Adams, The Natural News Health Ranger, and each of the questions he posed about weight loss were worth mentioning here as well.  As a health and wellness coach, I also would ask my clients to consider the following.

If you’re going to set some weight management goals, I strongly advise you to first take care of all the basics by asking yourself these ten powerful questions:

#1) Are you taking enough vitamin D yet? Without vitamin D, weight loss almost never works. (You should research the right dose for you.)

#2) Have you stopped drinking liquid sugars yet? If you’re still drinking corn syrup (sodas), forget about weight loss. You first need to quit the soda habit.

#3) Are you consuming enough fresh fruit and vegetables? Are you juicing yet? You’ll need to do both of these things on a regular basis.

#4) Are you exercising yet? You’ll need a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day to start dropping pounds. This can be brisk walking, swimming or cycling. Weight training is also very valuable if you do it safely.

#5) Have you addressed the emotional reasons why you overeat? Inside every person who isn’t happy with their body weight is someone who still has some emotional stuff to work out. Get some support from friends, family or professionals. Find out WHY you tend to overeat. Explore your habits and behavioral patterns. Are there certain things that trigger over-eating?

#6) Do you have enough trace minerals in your system? Many people who crave “salty snacks” are actually extremely deficient in minerals. They crave salt (minerals), but they misinterpret the craving as a desire to eat empty calories. Your body needs a certain level of minerals to function, and when it lacks those minerals, it will generate internal cravings to motivate you to try to find them. People who make an effort to supplement trace minerals (and quality full-spectrum salts) often find their cravings for salty snacks literally vanish.

#7) Have a reason WHY you wish to achieve the best weight for yourself. You need an emotional “anchor” to give you the behavioral leverage to get there. Are you losing weight to feel better about yourself? To improve your longevity? To be more physically attractive? To compete with a sibling or friend? To go to a class reunion or wedding? Figure out your top reason for wanting to achieve your weight goals and use that reason as leverage to guide you in that direction.

#8) Have you committed the TIME to realistically accomplish your weight loss goals? You’ll need to set aside the time for exercise as well as time for fresh food preparation. Figure a minimum if one hour per day, and it can easily be two hours total.

#9) Do you have the support of your family and friends? It’s very important to discuss your goals with your immediate family and get their support. If you’re trying to lose weight, they need to refrain from baking cookies and filling the house with that aroma, for example. They need to verbally support your efforts and not tease you or discourage you. Have a serious talk before you begin.

#10) Prepare yourself to be hungry and know that it’s okay. If you eat every time you feel hungry, you will never achieve your weight loss goals. Dropping excess body fat will absolutely require experiencing feelings of hunger. Know that hunger does not mean you are dying. You’re gonna be fine. Don’t let your body trick you into thinking you desperately need to intake more calories. Become familiar with a bit of hunger and learn to live with it during your weight loss journey. It’s okay to feel hungry!

Jan 13

Rainbow Light Makes Life a Little Easier

Over the last few years I’ve been partial to Rainbow Light supplements.  I got turned on to them when I started studying holistic nutrition years ago and learned that they were highly recommended by several holistic nutritionists because they are made from whole food extracts.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed by the many brands of supplements on the market, as I felt in the past, so I knew that when I finally found the right one I was going to stick with it and let others know about it. What’s pretty awesome about the website is their Vitamin Finder App that allows you to customize your supplement based on your gender, age, and current health, and health needs.  It beats sifting through many brands and amassing clutter in your home.

Jan 13

REPOST: Product Review of ITO EN Green Teas

This write up is being reposted because of recent questions about the benefits of green tea.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE tea lover.  Whether the tea is green, white, oolong, or black I indulge.  I even make room for tisanes on a regular basis as well.  So when given the opportunity to try ITO EN green teas, I had to say yes.

As some of you already know, green tea has many wonderful benefits.  According to the research, green tea is linked to heart health and improved circulation and immune health, good cholesterol levels, and enhanced brain functioning.  Green tea is also linked to maintaining healthy weight and improved oral health.  With such good benefits, you’ve got to just give it a try, even if you start with a sip here and there.

When I tried ITO EN’s Jasmine Tea and Green Tea, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste.  They were both crisp and clean, leaving no aftertaste.  I did prefer to drink it from a tea cup and saucer, but I also enjoyed the tea chilled in a glass.  For those who enjoy your tea sweetened, ITO EN also has a lightly sweetened tea which is gentle on the palate.

Find your local ITO EN retailer here.

Jan 13

Overweight Physicians Less Likely to Discuss Weight with Patients

A research article recently published in the Obesity journal surveyed 500 physicians on their BMI and how that relates to their interactions with patients who are overweight/obese.  Those physicians with a normal BMI were more comfortable talking with patients about diet and exercise, and felt that they should be role models to their patients in order to discuss healthy living.  What was interesting about this study was that only 30% of normal BMI physicians would have the diet chat with their patients.  It opens an interesting dialog about why more physicians who are normal in weight are not having this discussion with their patients, particularly when one-third of Americans are obese according to the CDC.  I wonder how many patients believe that physicians should practice what they preach before they dole out advise, or prescriptions for that matter.  With this conversation about weight and diet being so limited in the physician-patient relationship, perhaps the presence of health and wellness coaches, nutritionists and personal trainers should be closely tied into the patient care team.  Such a referral system would alleviate the physician’s responsibility to do that which they are not fully competent to manage, and address the health concerns of many Americans desperately in need of help.

The next question is how to empower physicians to seek support for their own health concerns? Overweight/obesity in physicians simply leads us to recognize that they are just like us and deal with the same challenges as their patients, but have yet to fully execute a solution to their own weight concerns.  Discretely, utilization of health and wellness coaching by physicians can enable them to focus on themselves, since physicians are trained to focus on addressing the needs of others. Perhaps by engaging in a coaching experience physicians will be inspired to prescribe the same care to their patients.