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Mar 13

Girl Power!!

Kesha Nichols with YWCA Board Members Arlene Vasquez, Christine Thorpe and Jehan Sanders

On Saturday, March 23rd, the YWCA of Bergen County held the most amazing and empowering girls conference.  Nearly 125 girls and 50 parents attended to hear the inspiring stories of Kesha Nichols (LOVE HER!!!) and Candace Carrizales (ADORABLE!!), as well as a range of life skills-building workshops.  One day my little girl will be old enough to participate in such powerful events.

Dec 12

How Busy Women Stay Beautiful

There’s no doubt about it – women are busier than ever. Many of us run businesses from our home offices while still finding time for fitness, family and friends on occasion. With our ever-shrinking pool of free time, multi-tasking is essential to managing our lives and our businesses. And so can it be with our beauty regimens!

We feel better and present ourselves better when we look our best. Here are a few beauty treatments you can work right into your busy day while you conquer the world!

  • Before sitting in front of your computer, exfoliate hands with any facial scrub you might have, then massage some olive oil into your cuticles and slather on a good moisturizing lotion. Softer hands while you work!
  • No meetings today? Perform the same treatment on your feet and pull on a soft pair of socks. Put your feet up under your desk and give your feet some time off.
  • Facials are perfect when you’re stuck in front of your computer. One warning – if you use a hardening masque, have a straw to sip from if you’re drinking anything.
  • Tight shoulders and neck? There are microwavable pads you can buy that can be heated and laid across the shoulders while you work. I use one frequently!
  • If you sit or stand most of the day invest in a pair of compression socks or stockings. They improve circulation, reduce leg swelling and are suggested to relieve symptoms of spider and varicose veins. You’ll be surprised how great your legs can feel at the end of the day after wearing a pair.
  • Hair in need of a hot oil treatment? No time like the present! You can work with a heating cap or warm towel on your head. If you have time after, spare some heat damage and allow hair to air dry a little before blow drying while you check emails or have lunch.

With just a little creativity you can easily fit many of your favorite beauty treatments into your week. Might even give you a new outlook on your weekends!

Guest Blogger:

Patricia Nixon
Nixon Virtual Strategies

Nov 12

For the Fashion Forward Momma in You

Guest Blogger:

Dale Steliga
Image Consultant/Fashion Stylist

Savvy Spice

If there is one thing any mom can learn from the new Old Navy commercial starring Jennie Garth and Luke Perry; it’s that moms can rock denim while looking hot and fashion forward. It’s also perfectly fine to have a little crush on 90210’s Dylan McKay now that he’s all grown up.

The fastest style time savers for moms on-the-go are the trends that “Do It For You.” For example, a colorblocking dress that already has the colors blocked on the dress. Another fashion forward trick is to find a fall jacket or trench with details like studs or leather. Speaking of leather, it’s a hot trend this fall and winter that all moms can wear without feeling like they’re slithering into the pages of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ A leather jacket is classic and dresses up any outfit even if you’re wearing a cotton tee and bootcut jeans. Try edgier styles too like a pair of leather leggings under a sweater dress. Think of them as tights; only much trendier sexy tights.

Another way to hop on the leather trend is to find a trench in khaki or army green that has leather quilted sleeves. It’s a simple ultra stylish way to boost you fall and winter wardrobe. Many women shy away from over-the-knee boots but they can be slimming and trendy. Over-the-knee boots don’t scream “Pretty Woman.” In-fact, flats are actually the easiest way to channel the equestrian “Kate Middleton” vibe. Wear leggings or skinny jeans with over-the-knee boots and a white collared shirt and cardigan for a classic look.

The last tip is to add the accessories, hats and handbags that fit everything you need for the day in a hot fall color like burgundy or oxblood. Layer necklaces or wear an arm party of bracelets and your favorite watch. When you look down and see your arm sparkling, it’s hard not to feel good and “put together.” Enjoy your fall and never be afraid to take a bit of a risk.

Oct 12

Two People Who Moved Me Today

File:Cropped, low-resolution image of Malala Yousafzai facing camera.jpg

Malala Yousafzai, a 14 year old Pakistani girl who is an activist for girls education was shot in the head by the Taliban.  She was flown to the UK were she is in a coma, but has shown movement in her hands and feet.  Malala was shot because she wanted to go to school and learn, and wanted all girls in Pakistan to have the opportunity to get an education.  For a 14 year old girl to stir up so much controversy is a testament to how powerfully wonderful she is and how essential it is for her struggle to not be in vain.  I am incredibly grateful and blessed to have been brought up in a country where I could pursue my education freely.  As a professor, it hurts me when students don’t appreciate the opportunity to go to school as if it is a burden or something to rush through to get a job.  I will be reminding the students of this gift by promoting Malala’s story to them, and challenging them to join the EducationFirst campaign and play a significant role in helping a child get an education.

Stacy London who was a featured guest today on Access Hollywood who shared touching areas of her life and how it influenced her love for fashion.  I connected with her when she talked about living with psoriasis and how it affected her self-esteem and her interest in appearance.  My childhood eczema made me feel self-conscious and has left visible scars on my body today.  I too was teased and made conscious efforts to wear clothes that would cover my skin.  To hear Stacy London on the show was so empowering, and encouraging for all women to see themselves differently.

While both of these people have starkly different experiences, they both share a common thread of courage.  I think of my daughter when I look at both of these people, and I want her to grow up with courage.  To do so, I need to show her my courage.

Sep 12

Mom-in-Chief, Looking Fabulous in Tracey Reese Dress

Jun 12

Images from the April 2012 YWCA-Bergen County Fundraiser at LKBennett

Cris Simone founder welcomes and thanks all attendees.

The Cris Simone gift bag that all attendees received at the event.

Two fabulous women enjoy libations and treats while shopping.

Bag items include Dream beauty collection by Tara Walker, pur-lisse beauty, Cosmetiques Laudin, Clean Plates Restaurant Guide, The Fountain Day Spa Gift Certificate, and Khuraira gift certificate

CEO Helen Archontou and Senior Director of Development Jeanne Patrican pose with LKBennett manager and Cris Simone founder.

Khuraira's makeup team airbrushes and fine tunes the faces of shoppers.

CEO Helen Archontou poses with YWCA member.

Spa Dew and ethos fitness spa gift certificates were door prizes.SPA-DEW

Mar 12

The Naked Face Project: Would you/could you do it?

So by now, some of you have heard of the Naked Face Project in the most recent issue of USA Today.  If not, here it is in a nutshell: Two women have decided for 60 days to go without makeup; not style their hair; not paint their nails; not wear high heels or jewelry; and not shave anything.

So what do you think?

a. Naked Face Project = Book Deal + Movie Deal

b. Free thyself from the bondage of makeup and grooming

c. Makeup is a polisher and enhancer

d. Other:___?

Feb 12

Are you guilty of this?

I was reading this month’s More Magazine, and I was just tickled by their absolute must NOT wear list:

  • Tracksuits
  • Mom Jeans
  • Overalls
  • Leggings as Pants
  • Your Husband’s Anything
  • Running Shoes (When Not Running)

I can’t say that I’m guilty of wearing any of these outside of the house, but occasionally inside, well…

Jan 12

Where I would love to have breakfast right now…

On cold days like this, I enjoy looking at images of places I’d prefer to be that transport me to another world.  This is the Aigialos Hotel on the island of Santorini in Greece.