How Busy Women Stay Beautiful

There’s no doubt about it – women are busier than ever. Many of us run businesses from our home offices while still finding time for fitness, family and friends on occasion. With our ever-shrinking pool of free time, multi-tasking is essential to managing our lives and our businesses. And so can it be with our beauty regimens!

We feel better and present ourselves better when we look our best. Here are a few beauty treatments you can work right into your busy day while you conquer the world!

  • Before sitting in front of your computer, exfoliate hands with any facial scrub you might have, then massage some olive oil into your cuticles and slather on a good moisturizing lotion. Softer hands while you work!
  • No meetings today? Perform the same treatment on your feet and pull on a soft pair of socks. Put your feet up under your desk and give your feet some time off.
  • Facials are perfect when you’re stuck in front of your computer. One warning – if you use a hardening masque, have a straw to sip from if you’re drinking anything.
  • Tight shoulders and neck? There are microwavable pads you can buy that can be heated and laid across the shoulders while you work. I use one frequently!
  • If you sit or stand most of the day invest in a pair of compression socks or stockings. They improve circulation, reduce leg swelling and are suggested to relieve symptoms of spider and varicose veins. You’ll be surprised how great your legs can feel at the end of the day after wearing a pair.
  • Hair in need of a hot oil treatment? No time like the present! You can work with a heating cap or warm towel on your head. If you have time after, spare some heat damage and allow hair to air dry a little before blow drying while you check emails or have lunch.

With just a little creativity you can easily fit many of your favorite beauty treatments into your week. Might even give you a new outlook on your weekends!

Guest Blogger:

Patricia Nixon
Nixon Virtual Strategies

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